A Decision.


Just wanna say I’ll be dropping Goblin Slayer. Real life has been giving me a lot of stress with not much time to even sleep. But do you want to know what is the main reason I am dropping GS, and probably even all my other projects?


If you aren’t retarded, I believe you heard the news of these sites popping into existence has been around for quite some time. As a person who has done all the hard work without any profit, only to have all of it getting stolen, and with the truth that I can’t even prevent them, all I feel is extreme boredom and desolation.

And so, sites like RLN, novelall, NovelPlanet(owned by the kissanime cunts) have been leeching the work of others for months, which also leeched my motivation to put any work into translating.

That kinda concludes my rant. Oh, go buy the official translations of GS when it’s released if you want. I’ll be restricting access to the drive in a few days, as well as closing this site in a week or so. Goodbye.

Edit:Oh, I forgot to mention that the Chinese translator for GS also dropped it. Kek.